‘True love is worrying about prickles in her dress’
– Phil, 2016.

It took him a year to say ‘I love you’ to Becky, but it seems to be easier now. Maybe it’s being with Becky the Speech Pathologist that helped Phil finally get those three words out. When he proposed at a random trivia night, dressed to the nines in his best shorts and thongs, of course Becky said yes. Because true love is true no matter the occasion or the footwear.

Fast forward to a day in November, a year in the making, and considerably more formal attire. Yesterday, on a small Mountain overlooking Brisbane, Becky and Phil got married (by Phil’s Dad!). Then we went hiking around the countryside, filling Becky’s gown with cobblers’ pegs and bugs and mud stains. ‘It’s okay!’ she said, ‘I don’t care about the dress, I’m not going to wear it again, but some of the prickles are sticking into my butt.’

Of course you wouldn’t guess from the images that we were being swarmed by flies or stuck by prickles or that ankles were rolling in the uneven ground (seriously, best bridal party – EVER).

The summery discomforts ain’t no thang. Yesterday was amazing.

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de-prickling before heading back to the reception! It took all 8 of us but we got it done!

029-summitwedding 030-summitwedding 031-summitwedding 032-summitwedding 033-summitwedding 034-summitwedding 035-summitwedding 036-summitwedding 037-summitwedding 038-summitwedding 039-summitwedding 040-summitwedding 041-summitwedding 042-summitwedding

Becky and Phil’s Dream team:

Venue: Summit

Celebrant: Rev. Jim Pearson

Flowers: Green and Bloom

Entertainment: Donnelle Brooks // Dj Diggler

Hair and Makeup: Lily Fontana

Becky’s Gown: Pronovias – White Lily Couture

Bridesmaids Dresses: Review 

All the boys kitted out by Yd

Paperware: Elly Hartley Designs



I just wanted to say thankvyou so much for Saturday. We had a blast sharing the day with you. You are such talented photographers but also awesome, caring and top women. We had such a magical day and you helped make me feel as beautiful as I ever will. Your care, love, effort and pride in your work did not go un-noticed. We would recommend you to everyone.
Lots of love xxxx

Kate and Cam

These are AMAZING! I can not even begin to thank you enough! These pictures are beautiful (minus a couple of weird facials) and are totally everything we were hoping for and more. Thank you again!

Mel and Gareth

Hello cloud catchers,

All I can say is wow the photos are amazing and everything we wanted out of the day. The finer detail is incredible thank you so much.
Nikohl and Ben

OMG GUYS!!! they are so fabulous!!

James hasn’t looked through them all yet – he’s only seen a handful but he’s in love already. And me – well I’m ecstatic! they’re wonderful guys – we love them and we love you! They brought back all the feels and we’re so happy and thrilled with the day and the photos. I’m laughing in nearly every photo – I clearly had a good day! hahahaha!!! Thanks again lovelies – you truly are just the best and are total babin’ Queen camera ninjas!

Beck and James

When we first started planning this wedding just a few months ago, finding a photographer nearly did my head in because I was so hell bent on finding someone who would capture the day in a way that truly reflected us and our relationship. Well, we had to go to Brisbane to find them, but Alyce and Ash have surpassed my wildest dreams! Can’t wipe the grin off my face right now….


Jess and Karn