Who are you?

Candid engagement shoot Toowoomba


You’ve been together a while and you still like each other a whole lot. That’s worth celebrating!
You’re surrounded by a a bunch of amazing family and friends who are bustin’ to celebrate with you.
You guys all sound awesome. You should probably have this wedding thing photographed.

The ‘fairytale’ and ‘princess for a day’ stuff makes you feel a bit gross. You’ve been together so long that a lot of the old school traditions of weddings are kind of pointless. There is a level of comfort and familiarity between you that makes the decision to get married a super easy one.

This is more like a massive celebration that you’re fiiiiiinally making it official. And you want kickass pictures as people gather to party down with you. You’ve got a whole other life outside of this wedding planning thing, and you just want to tick things off your wedding-y to do list and know that you’ve made the right decision. So, if you think our piccies go alright, and you want to see if we’re your kinda people, here’s some stuff about us:

Who are we?
We’re quirky, joyful and easy going.

Being a collective allows us to form teams that we know will be the perfect match for our couples on every level, always making sure the photography is un-awkward, fun and creative. Having dedicated admin in our studio means every wedding is run like a well-oiled machine – no missed emails or chasing us up for things – and the photographers are able to focus on what they do best: shooting the everloving shizzle out of your wedding!

Between all the collective members, we have approximately seventy million years’ experience shooting weddings the world over. Every wedding is different and that’s what keeps us on our toes and crazy about this work that we do. Recognising that weddings usually are beautifully unpredictable wild beasts that will not perfectly follow the most detailed run sheet ever written, we can just roll with whatever happens on a wedding day without any fuss. We love the crazy weddings, we love the super emotional weddings, the party atmosphere weddings, the chillin’ by the bonfire weddings and everything in between. We know you don’t wanna peek out at each other from behind a tree trunk. We know your older rellies love a good family photo. We know wedding dance floors are a full contact sport with lifts, stacks and powerslides and we’re sooooo on board with that, you have no idea. Dancing is our favourite.

Everyone in the collective prioritises the experience of our couples from the enquiry email through to delivery of final images. The best thing we can do in this overwhelming and stressful wedding planning you’re tangled up in right now is make the photography bit as easy and fun and organised as possible.

Happy couples = the bestest photos.


We're so awkward on camera and your couples look totally comfortable, we won't look like that.

Challenge accepted, my friend. You wouldn’t believe how often people say this to us. It’s okay, it’s our job to make you feel comfortable. We tell jokes, give you things to talk about, play little games with your bridal party, or we just quietly stand back and observe action as it happens. It helps that we don’t take ages shooting portraits, too, because people do get tired of being photographed after a while.

How much preparation goes into the photography of a wedding? What do we need to do?

When we first chat, we will find out about you two as people (not as a bride and groom, but real actual humans!). We find out what is important to you, your tastes and your personalities. These things all influence the look and feel the photos will have.

Then you’ve gotta book us!

Once we’re booked in, you don’t need to do anything! It’s our job to keep the project tracking along. We’ll be in contact throughout the planning stages so you don’t have to worry about what to organise when. We use questionnaires to make sure we gather all the information we could possibly need to plan a smooth run sheet for your wedding day. We’ve got this!

We really want lots of candid photos of our guests enjoying the day. Do you take those photos?

Absolutely we do. We love taking candid photos as they tell the story of the day so well – it gives a sense of mood and atmosphere to your images. We shoot candidly all day, but we especially love getting photos of your guests listening/laughing/crying at your ceremony and during the speeches at your reception.

Tell us some really exciting stuff about file storage, insurance, etc?

Oooooh we’re so glad you asked! We are a full time wedding photography company, with full time staff who are in wedding land 24/7. That’s all we do, and even though we’re goofy goobers some of the time we do take this all very seriously. As such:

We take three backups of each full set of images to protect against file loss / memory card failure / theft / hard drive explosions.

We have very fun and exciting contracts written specifically for our studio by real live solicitors to make sure everything about our work for you is carried out to perfection and as agreed.

We have full public liability insurance (which makes for thrilling reading, especially that one random clause about being protected when shooting on hovercrafts under 4m in length)

We have back-up photographers who work together on the regular available in case of illness/injury to your photographer team (touch wood – we have not needed to action this, but it’s good to know, right?)


When do we receive all our sweet sweet wedding photo stuff?

Your USB of final images will be complete and back in your hands within 8 weeks of your wedding date.

Albums take a little bit longer as we encourage our couples to take their time with the design and picking their images.

Where are you based, and do you travel for weddings?

The studio is based on Brisbane’s Southside. Come over some time, we can have a few wines.

And heck yeah we travel! We’ve shot weddings in Italy, the USA and Thailand. We have also shot weddings all around this beautiful land of ours. We prepare custom quotes for travel, so get in touch!

We are most often shooting from the Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay, outside of the big smoke, and we love it. No travel fees apply for weddings up and down the coast!

Do you guys photograph same sex weddings/portraits?

F*ck yes. All of the yes. We always have, and we always will. Hit us up.

How much does Cloud Catcher Studio charge for weddings?

We offer coverage by the hour from 5 hours through to 12 hours, as well as mid-week elopments, Australia-wide and overseas. To give you a bit of an idea, we have coverage options starting around $2750.

I just wanted to say thankvyou so much for Saturday. We had a blast sharing the day with you. You are such talented photographers but also awesome, caring and top women. We had such a magical day and you helped make me feel as beautiful as I ever will. Your care, love, effort and pride in your work did not go un-noticed. We would recommend you to everyone.
Lots of love xxxx

Kate and Cam

These are AMAZING! I can not even begin to thank you enough! These pictures are beautiful (minus a couple of weird facials) and are totally everything we were hoping for and more. Thank you again!

Mel and Gareth

Hello cloud catchers,

All I can say is wow the photos are amazing and everything we wanted out of the day. The finer detail is incredible thank you so much.
Nikohl and Ben

When we first started planning this wedding just a few months ago, finding a photographer nearly did my head in because I was so hell bent on finding someone who would capture the day in a way that truly reflected us and our relationship. Well, we had to go to Brisbane to find them, but Alyce and Ash have surpassed my wildest dreams! Can’t wipe the grin off my face right now….


Jess and Karn

OMG GUYS!!! they are so fabulous!!

James hasn’t looked through them all yet – he’s only seen a handful but he’s in love already. And me – well I’m ecstatic! they’re wonderful guys – we love them and we love you! They brought back all the feels and we’re so happy and thrilled with the day and the photos. I’m laughing in nearly every photo – I clearly had a good day! hahahaha!!! Thanks again lovelies – you truly are just the best and are total babin’ Queen camera ninjas!

Beck and James