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2016: Nothin’ But the Hits

2016: Nothin' But the Hits

This year began with Alyce and Colette Photographers. In March, we set the wheels in motion to re-brand and become Cloud Catcher Studio, which we launched in May of this year. Bringing the studio to life has been a dream of mine for the longest time, ever since I emerged from the womb double-packing a Leica in my left hand and a Contax in my right*. Even though I've b[...]

Engagement Shoot: Hayley and Alex, Toowoomba(ish)

'Alright guys, next spot!' I said, racing ahead to see if the light had fallen low enough to shoot in the paddock yet. 'There's a lot more to this photo thing than I thought, with the light and stuff' I heard Alex say quietly to Hayley as they followed behind. Before they got married, Hayley and Alex and I met on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Literall[...]

Elle and Pat's Brisbane Engagement Shoot

We met up with Elle and Pat and their little fluffy puppy Moby one Sunday afternoon and in the fading light they whispered secrets and held each other tight. They also did a little bit of gymnastics on a park bench. When we weren't laughing or losing our damn minds at just how gorgeous these  guys are (seriously, that beautiful mane of hair catching the light! Elle's [...]