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Friday Wine Chat: We don't Photograph Awkward People

Think back over all of the times you've been professionally photographed in your life. I can't actually think of that many pre-wedding. School photos? Yep. Oh God. Primary school photos. That's where this all began. You'd sit your butt on this skinny, uncomfortable bench and stare up at those enormous umbrellas. I remember the photographer (same guy every year, what a[...]

2016: Nothin' But the Hits

This year began with Alyce and Colette Photographers. In March, we set the wheels in motion to re-brand and become Cloud Catcher Studio, which we launched in May of this year. Bringing the studio to life has been a dream of mine for the longest time, ever since I emerged from the womb double-packing a Leica in my left hand and a Contax in my right*. Even though I've b[...]

Friday Wine Chat: a thing we're not supposed to say to our clients

'As long as he's waiting at the end of the aisle for you, that's all that matters!' Alright. This is true, I suppose. Because mate, if he's not waiting at the end of the aisle that's going to be pretty freakin' embarrassing for me isn't it. Guuuuuuurl, you did not just play that card with me right now. Beyond this, I want to dump this delicious glass of Pinot on [...]

Friday Wine Chat: The indecisive and anxious girl's guide to wedding planning

Happy Friday girls and guys, grab that cheeky oversized glass of Chardy and let's chat. 'How's the wedding planning going?' 'How's the wedding planning going?' 'How's the wedding planning going?' Ad. Nauseam. Nothing brought me closer to mental breakdown than those five well-meaning words. I considered taking a small cushion with me everywhere so that I cou[...]

Friday Wine Chat: Why We Don't Need To Pose You

Happy Friday, gang! Grab a glass of wine (or a coffee, if it's not drinks o'clock where you are right now). Let's chat. I thought we could chat about why we don't pose our couples for their portraits, because it's something a lot of our couples are worried about. When someone is posed for a photograph you can just tell, I think. It whiffs of the awkies. I know why[...]

The New Studio is Live!

Wedding Photography has brought me so much joy, you guys. So much. What we lose in time with family and friends, and sleep, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and routine, we make up for in human connection, raw emotion, dizzying joy.  Becoming so close with people so quickly, learning their story and making their images. I don't even know why I am so obsessivel[...]