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Just Married: Lauren and Joel's Brisbane City Wedding

'Joel, if you're cool with it, could you ... sit... in front of the toilet?' I took a few steps back. I took a shot. It was too high. I needed to get down lower. I crouched down. Nope. Too high still. And that's how I found myself (like many cool kids before me) lying on the floor in the toilets at Brooklyn Standard. But this isn't about me rolling around on toi[...]

Just Married: Brianna and David's Beautiful Buderim Wedding

Brianna and David said their I Dos in front of a whoooole bunch of their family and friends, a lot of singing and celebrating and a total team effort in pulling together the most beautiful day. David's Mum made their cake, Brianna's three uncles lead the ceremony and everyone held the rings during the ring warming ceremony, pouring their love into the rings - both of [...]

Just Married: Kate and Harry's Sails Noosa Beach Wedding

Harry and Kate said their I Dos under a brilliantly bright morning sun at Noosa yesterday morning, occasionally interrupted by the crash of waves on the shore and the odd passerby snapping photos on their iPads as they meandered back to their holiday units from their morning swim. It was the quintessential Noosa flavoured wedding day, and a pretty rad way to spend a F[...]

Just Married: Kate and Luke's Spicers Clovelly Estate Wedding

Kate and Luke said hellz yeah to marriage yesterday in the soggy hills of Montville at the incredible Spicers Clovelly Estate. It did indeed rain on their wedding day, thank you Alanis Morissette, but not during the most important outdoorsy bits of the day, so the only real victim of the wet weather was Kate's beautiful gown (and Kate, who carried her sodden dress lik[...]

Just Married: Anna and Ty's Tropical Luxe Moda Wedding

Anna and Ty got married yesterday at All Hallows here in Brisbane, and then we partied down at Moda Portside. I skyped Anna on Wednesday night to discuss our game plan for the day. 'So the reception is going to be kind of... tropical, but a bit wild? There will be a hanging flower installation, it's hard to explain but you'll know it when you see it' Anna explained[...]

Just Married: Ashlinn and Ben's Byron Bay Wedding

Yesterday Ashlinn and Ben and their absolute closest, nearest and dearest family and friends (plus some chooks, and a dog) gathered under a big fig tree. I'd typically say something about their solemn vows, but those of you who know Ashlinn and Ben know there's not much solemn about them. Ashlinn had warned us about Ben, but she need not have worried! He was being rel[...]

Just Married: Sarah and Dominic's Lightspace Wedding

Sarah and Dom's wedding went like this: chilled out morning. Beautiful church ceremony. Fun portrait sesh. Dinner. Mayhem. And when I say mayhem, I mean it in the most delightful sense of the word. In the lead up to the wedding, we send our couples a questionnaire which asks lots of questions about the wedding, about the couple, and about their family... just so we[...]

Just Married: Emma and Gavin's Noosa Springs Wedding

'I feel weird. I feel weird!' Em kept saying as she got ready. 'It's okay.' I told her 'being a bride is kind of a weird thing to do with your Saturday'. Think about all of the bazillions and kerjillions (official measure of human life) of people on this earth. How Em and Gav crossed paths by chance, and realised they already kind of knew each other through loving[...]

It's That Summergrove Estate Wedding Editorial

You know that Summergrove Estate Wedding shoot? The one that's on the cover of North Coast Weddings this issue? The one that that got featured twice? Yeah! That one! There were so many photos that didn't make the pages of the magazine (because the magazine would be as thick as a phone book otherwise) so we thought we'd publish a bunch of images you might not have s[...]

Friday Wine Chat: We don't Photograph Awkward People

Think back over all of the times you've been professionally photographed in your life. I can't actually think of that many pre-wedding. School photos? Yep. Oh God. Primary school photos. That's where this all began. You'd sit your butt on this skinny, uncomfortable bench and stare up at those enormous umbrellas. I remember the photographer (same guy every year, what a[...]