The New Studio is Live!

Wedding Photography has brought me so much joy, you guys. So much. What we lose in time with family and friends, and sleep, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and routine, we make up for in human connection, raw emotion, dizzying joy.  Becoming so close with people so quickly, learning their story and making their images. I don’t even know why I am so obsessively compelled to do this work, but I am. I never thought I’d end up here, but this is exactly where I should be.

The other wonderful thing I’ve learnt as I’ve forged my path as a wedding photographer is that OTHER photographers are my favourite people. They share this fire that I can’t quite describe, and with them I don’t need to. They get the weird hours and the inexplicable compulsions and they stand you in interesting light to have a conversation (photos of these conversations might end up on their instagram accounts). My best friend Colette, for starters, is a most excellent human and a mind-blowingly awesome photographer.

For a long while now, we’ve had this dream that we could all join together in work and in play, motivate each other and inspire each other and learn from each other. I felt totally ridiculous asking my favourite people if they wanted to work with us. It would be awkward if they said no, perhaps. They all said yes without any hesitation. The next part of the dream is to have a place where we can all go to work, meet, share and drink (coffee / wine / etc). This part of the dream is under construction!

We have been squirrelling away all of our work to post it on our new site, and over the next little while there will be a lot of stuff blogged here – some new, some old, all of it awesome. It’s a little bit daunting starting a blog from scratch, especially when our Alyce & Colette blog has four and a bit years of our amazing photography adventure all over it.

I thought I should kick off the blog by saying hi, we’re not new but our blog is, and we have so much to share with you. Just as it was on, I will continue to write our blogs because I can’t … not… tinker with the website.

The rest of our crew will hopefully introduce themselves (or I’ll introduce them!) in due course. For now, have a good ol’ click around. If our images resonate with you, we would love to make images for you, too. Get in touch. 

x Alyce