Portrait of Bride and Groom Hillstone St Lucia

Just Married: Nicole and Jared’s Hillstone St Lucia Wedding

When we first met Nicole and Jared, it was at their local coffee shop in Newstead, overlooking a skinny side street. As we chatted, a van smashed into a parked car.
I hoped this wasn’t a bad omen for any of us. That first meeting was so long ago.
Yesterday was their wedding, and although there were opportunities for disaster (such as a rogue groomsman on the roof of a golf buggy, and a golf buggy race… basically most of the opportunities for disaster were golf buggy related) yesterday went off like a frog in a sock.
Nicole and Jared are so genuinely into each other, and so sweet with their friends and family, and we got super awesome light, and there was a panda on the dance floor. I mean, this is the kind of stuff we live for and yesterday was as perfect as it gets. Thank you so much you guys. There is too much goodness in these photos!
x Alyce

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Nicole and Jared’s Dream Team:

Venue: Hillstone St Lucia
Florist: Green and Bloom
Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Case
Nicole’s Gown: Babushka Ballerina
Bridesmaids Gowns: White Runway

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  1. Michelle Pinchin says:

    The photos are absolutely magical, i just love them. Congratulations Jared and Nicole .

  2. Maureen Williams says:

    Just loved looking at all the photos.Brilliant photographer.I wish them both all the happiness in the future.

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