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Grab a glass of wine (or a coffee, if it’s not drinks o’clock where you are right now). Let’s chat. I thought we could chat about why we don’t pose our couples for their portraits, because it’s something a lot of our couples are worried about.

When someone is posed for a photograph you can just tell, I think. It whiffs of the awkies. I know why though: It’s because their eyes glaze over. They look dead in the eyes because they are no longer immersed in the moment, their mind has gone off to some other place where they are concentrating so damn hard on this pose they’ve been told they have to hold. There’s emotion held in the eyes that you can not fake unless maybe you’re a really talented professional model. When you’ve lost that connection, you’re in what we call ‘catalogue model’ territory.

As a bridesmaid a couple of times and as an ex-wedding videographer, I’ve seen some heinous crimes against the art of creating an awesome experience for the people you’re photographing (I made daaaaaamn sure my own wedding didn’t fall into the heinous crimes category but that’s a story for another day).

For me, becoming a photographer, I never wanted the experience of being photographed to feel tedious, or drawn-out, or boring, or uncomfortable. I never want to sacrifice the positive and joyful experience of being photographed for anything. It’s a wedding day, not a photoshoot. People might not think the next step forward though: if you’re not posed for photos, then what do you do in front of the camera? Nobody ever knows what to do with their arms on camera.


Nobody ever knows what to do with their arms on camera. It’s okay.

How we approach your portrait shoot depends a lot on how you two are together. We get to know you well and truly before this portrait moment so we kind of know how we’ll approach the shoot. We have all sorts of magical ways to make you feel totally at home in front of our cameras. It’s not the most natural thing on the planet, yet we can make it feel like so much fun.

Here’s a few examples from the past few months to show you what I mean:

Bride and Groom Spicers Hidden Vale

Chantal and Matt. Not posing.

Chantal told me after the wedding that she and Matt were actually quietly dreading having their portraits taken, but they were surprised to find that the process was not only painless but also a beautiful part of their wedding day. Lara and I could sense that they needed a little bit more space and quiet to just ‘be’ after their wedding ceremony. So, we gave them a place to do that, we shot with longer lenses so we weren’t all up in their grillz.

natural wedding photography brisbane

Goofing off in Fortitude Valley

Kat and Josh and their bridal party had their photos scheduled a few hours earlier than that typical ‘golden hour’ so they could get to the cocktails pre-reception. It was a super hot day, so we needed to be quick in the sun so everyone could find shade and not sweat into oblivion. So, Colette and I trotted everyone over to this wall. We really dislike the 80’s style bridal party portraits and much prefer our bridal party shots to showcase the unique personalities of everyone. So we play little games that get everyone laughing and gives them a chance to show off their unique senses of humour. Kat said making these portraits are some of her most favourite memories of her wedding day. #nailedit


One pretty portrait of Hayley, then we let Alex jump in for their photos together.

We LOVE getting a beautiful portrait of the bride on her own. Being photographed alone can be super intimidating but we’ve got yo’ back! We finished full bridal party shots and sent the gang back to the reception so Hayley and Alex could have some quiet time together. In this shot, I got Alex to stand off camera and say nice things to his gorgeous wife. We shot these portraits from a long way back, because I didn’t need to hear what Alex was saying to Hayley – it was between them! Then we got Alex to jump in to the shot.

Basically, think about your portraits this way: It’s a team effort. We’re not here to bark orders at you and put you into uncomfortable positions. Once we know all about you two, how you relate to each other, how you show affection, your senses of humour, we can create images that we know you will love. Images that show all of your personality and are full of connection and emotion.So, I hope that lifts the veil a little on this whole ‘natural photography’ thingy that we do. Annnnd we’re done!

If you have any suggestions for future Wine Chats, let us know in the comments below. I have a bunch of ideas to share with all-a-y’all this summer.


If you’re keen as beans to be part of this non-posed wedding photography movement: get on board here!

If you’re just creepin’ here’s a preview of the dance moves I’m going to be doing on wedding dancefloors in 2017.

xo Alyce
Nadine greenhalgh

My sister is getting married on 14th July 2018 in Grafton Nsw. She had everything planned and booked including a local photographer. She has today received an email from her photographer saying she can longer shoot her wedding as she is going on a family holiday. So now I’m Just trying to take some stress off my sister by (hopefully!) finding another photographer for her. Are you able to send your package prices through including travel- if you are available? Thank you! 🙂

Hi guys!
Well, can I just say, WOW!
You guys are EXACTLY the style of photographers we are looking for!

We are getting married on the 29th of September this years. Our wedding is down near Yamba, NSW.
I found you guys because I saw you did a wedding down in yamba.
Are you guys available if the 29th.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest of Regards


These are AMAZING! I can not even begin to thank you enough! These pictures are beautiful and are totally everything we were hoping for and more. Thank you again!

Mel and Gareth

Hello cloud catchers,

All I can say is wow the photos are amazing and everything we wanted out of the day. The finer detail is incredible thank you so much.
Nikohl and Ben

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for Saturday. We had a blast sharing the day with you. You are such talented photographers but also awesome, caring and top women. We had such a magical day and you helped make me feel as beautiful as I ever will. Your care, love, effort and pride in your work did not go un-noticed. We would recommend you to everyone.
Lots of love xxxx

Kate and Cam

OMG GUYS!!! they are so fabulous!!

James hasn’t looked through them all yet – he’s only seen a handful but he’s in love already. And me – well I’m ecstatic! they’re wonderful guys – we love them and we love you! They brought back all the feels and we’re so happy and thrilled with the day and the photos. I’m laughing in nearly every photo – I clearly had a good day! hahahaha!!! Thanks again lovelies – you truly are just the best and are total babin’ Queen camera ninjas!

Beck and James
Hiiiiii Alyce and Alex,
Thank you so much for your email. You’re probably going to laugh reading this but I was finally able to access this email after I finally achieved one of my life goal of taking a selfie with a llama and was like “yasssss best day EVER”. As we finally connected to wifi for me to upload one of my 500 llama shots I saw your email. Poor Brett thought I had really lost the plot as I burst into happy tears in the hotel lobby and then showed all these random Peruvian hotel workers the pictures saying “holy shit, this is us’.
I was so so worried on the day as when I get nervous / anxious I screw my face up like an angry potato and was silently freaking out I had ruined your pictures but your pics make me look nothing of the potato variety! They are stunning and both Brett and I can’t believe we scrubbed up so good haha.
Thank you for capturing those tender moments between us. I’m so in love with the pics!
Nat (and Brett aka her kiwi gentleman lover) xx

When we first started planning this wedding just a few months ago, finding a photographer nearly did my head in because I was so hell bent on finding someone who would capture the day in a way that truly reflected us and our relationship. Well, we had to go to Brisbane to find them, but Alyce and Ash have surpassed my wildest dreams! Can’t wipe the grin off my face right now….


Jess and Karn