Just Married: Janelle and Gabriel’s Glengariff Estate Wedding

What do most people do with a Wednesday? Get up, go to work, maybe go to the gym because it’s #newyearnewyou time, maybe go home, google ‘how long is Christmas Ham good for’, think about chucking out the leftover Christmas Ham, cook dinner and then smash out a few episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix…

Sure, you could do that with your Wednesday (and honestly, you should chuck the ham, it’s time to let that bad boy go). But yesterday Janelle and Gabriel did something else entirely. They got hitched on a Wednesday evening in January and we strapped ourselves in and our cameras on for the ride.

I could write so much about how open these two are with each other and how their love for one another made Lara cry (a lot. Like, all day. A LOT), how strong they are with their faith, how they sang and prayed and celebrated and hugged and kissed and ran and danced with their whole hearts, carried by the love around them, but I’ll spare you the delightfully mushy details. I know there is a lovely newly-wedded Janelle waiting patiently to see these photos right now!



xo Alyce

Janelle and Gabe’s Dream Team:

Venue: Glengariff Estate

Styling and Florals: Inspired by Love Events

Hair: Hair By Jools

Janelle’s Makeup: Janise Chan / JDolls

Joy and Gabby’s Makeup: Lyn Nhan

Janelle’s Gown: White Runway

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