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Just Married: Paola and Tim’s Colombian-Aussie Lightspace Wedding

We were so struck by the way Tim and Paola look at each other with SO much adoration. They treat each other with such gentleness, such kindness, and with always with immense love. It’s always our mission to show how our couples love each other, and we’re fairly sure these ones are perfect examples of Pao and Tim. These two come from such different backgrounds – Tim from Australia and Paola from Colombia – half a world apart, but even still, they are one and the same.

Pao said she is never more proud of Tim than when he tries his best to speak Spanish. So, when Tim finished his English vows and then went straight into the Spanish version, Pao was in a flood of tears. He did his best Google Translation on his wedding Speech too, which got a few giggles but many were moved to tears a second time.

This wedding was a perfect blend of cultures, Gasolina flowed into Grease Lightning on the dance floor. Pretty much everyone knew all the words to Despacito. Empanadas were chased down with mini pavlovas.

And then, Hora Loca happened. I learnt that Limbo Face is probably my favourite thing to photograph ever (EVER). It was wild. It was colourful. It was sweaty. I don’t even know how else to describe it.  Fortunately we took photos, so let’s get into those now, shall we?

And lastly, Sophie and I mid-macarena as photographed by a guest on my camera. The camera was returned safely!

Gracias amigos!

Tim and Pao’s Dream Team: 

Pao’s Gown: Made with Love Bridal

Tim’s Suit: Black Jacket Suiting

Pao’s Hair/Makeup: Tanielle Jai

Flowers: Bouquet Boutique

Celebrant: Adriana Turbay-Tiratel

Venue: Lightspace

Entertainment: Andres Hernandez

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