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Just Married: Sammy and Trent’s Dreamy Eagles Rest Wedding

‘How were the boys?’ Sam asked me from her makeup chair yesterday.

‘They were great! …Trent’s a bit of a nervous giggler, isn’t he?’ There was a very knowing laugh that rung through the cottage from all the lovely ladies in all of the rooms, and by the end of the wedding day, it was a laugh we knew all too well. We could hear it no matter where we were. It’s not just his nervous giggle, it’s his laugh – and he laughs often. It’s a big, high pitched, infectious, joyful laugh that makes you feel like the funniest human on the planet, before you too begin laughing hysterically creating a vortex of doom where nobody stops laughing (it makes for great photos though, so laugh away good sir).

Anyway, I’m not writing this blog post just because of how great Trent’s laugh is. I’m writing this post because we were invited on the most incredible adventure with Sammy and Trent yesterday, full of their favourite and most treasured people on the most insanely beautiful property where there was good food and warm fires and immense joy. It was a whirlwind of all of the things that are good and amazing and incredible about humans and their love for one another and we were the lucky ones to record these memories.

Sammy and Trent, thank you. We are on the long road home with hearts full. Let’s look at some piccies.


Samantha and Trent’s Dream Team:

Venue: Eagles Rest, Valla Beach

Hair: Beea Morris

Makeup: Samantha Thomson

Celebrant: Clare Bath

Styling: Heidi Cansdell – The Romance Crew

Florist: Alice Faircloth – EuFloral

Event Hire: Rosie Pose Event Hire

Videographer: Bathtime Productions

Entertainment: The White Tree

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