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Just Married: Bastian and Xavier’s Redleaf Hunter Valley Wedding

I remember a night in a little speakeasy in Newtown a few years ago where Xavier tearfully tried to explain to me just how much he loves Bastian and what it would mean to marry him. They weren’t engaged at that point, but just the vague thought of standing in front of their people and saying their vows brought a tidal wave of feels that could have easily been blamed on the tequila shots we had just done (…or the wine we had at dinner, or the cocktails we’d been knocking back before that) but anyone who knows these two has been in the presence of the most profound love.

Bastian and I did our Masters of Creative Ad together in what feels like another lifetime, and I often joke that he went on to be a brilliant, successful, mad genius Art Director and somehow I ended up Weddinging every weekend instead (one of us really got our money’s worth out of those post graduate uni fees!) Luckily I was able to bring my skillz yesterday, when they finally… FINALLY… got married.

I got a message from Bas just over a week ago that simply said ‘we got the waiver… we can officially get married!!!! (insert many emojis here)’ at which point I sat in the car park of a shopping centre and sobbed in my car for a minute. I don’t have any official data to back this claim but Bas and Xav’s wedding would have to be among the first legally recognised same sex marriages in Australia. The wedding has been in the works for so long, and it was going ahead as planned regardless of inclement weather or archaic Australian marriage laws, but the timing worked out and the weather behaved perfectly.

So the boys signed a bit of paper, we took some piccies and then we partied almost until the sun came up. Shaun and I were still photo-ing at 3am this morning, and had a frickin’ blast. We love you boys, thank you for trusting us with this beautiful day.


Bas and Xav’s Dream Team:

Venue: Redleaf Wollombi

Celebrant: Monty King

DJ: Cut a Rug


Full list of vendors to come when we can get some good internet power (we’re out in the country still!)

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  1. Petra Schepp says:

    Hi Basti, hi Xavier
    Heute habe ich mit Christel gesprochen und erfahren, dass ihr geheiratet habt. Ich möchte euch nachträglich ganz herzlich zu diesem Entschluss gratulieren. Anhand der Bilder und der Erzählungen von Christel hattet ihr ein traumhaftes Fest. Das freut mich sehr für euch. Ich wünsche euch von Herzen ein tolles, harmonisches, sorgenfreies, prickelndes, gemeinsames Leben.

    Seid lieb gegrüßt und genießt jede Minute, die ihr zusammen sein könnt.
    Liebe Umärmelung

  2. Just drunk a bottle of Barossa Ink back in England- one of the wines you had at your beautiful wedding. We were so privileged to share that day with you. It was perfect, and it is so good to see these photos, photos that capture the moment forever.

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