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Just Married: Jemima and Sean went up Mountains and Partied Down in Yamba

‘We’re pretty easy going’ Jemima shrugged as she told me about their guests a few weeks before the wedding. ‘I dunno, everyone just really likes each other!’. Fast forward to about 11.30pm last Saturday night when everyone was in a group huddle on the dance floor at Jemima and Sean’s wedding belting out You’re The Voice and the love in the room (if not the passionate singing/yelling) was enough to blow the roof off the Yamba Surf Club.

Yamba has been a special and significant place for so many of the guests – the older generations had holidayed there, brought their partners there, eventually they all brought their kids there. So much of Yamba retains that sweet, sleepy beachside town nostalgia we’ve all heard our parents all yearn for now that the Goldie is ‘chockers with skyscrapers’ and Byron is ‘full of yuppies’. So, on the headland, next to the lighthouse that has likely witnessed all of these generations coming and going and goodness knows how many marriages, proposals and touristy selfies, Jemima and Sean and their beloved families and friends all gathered for the official bit of the wedding, and then partied hard – and I mean HARD – at the Surf Club.

Jemima and Sean both described each other at different points of the day as ‘strong’. I’d also chuck ‘generous’ in there, generous with their time (which is a very precious commodity on a wedding day, and how lucky are we to have a little piece of this time with them!), with their laughter, and their affection for the people around them. It was so hot on Saturday you guys, and no request was too much (not even, hey guys go climb that massive hill or hey guys, can you stand really close to those crashing waves on that rock over there). We went home after midnight sweaty AF, packed off with a few bottles of wine tucked under our arms at their insistence, and hearts so very very full.

Jemima and Sean’s Dream Team:

Wedding Venue: Yamba Surf Club

Wedding Coordinator:  Yamba Weddings and Events 

Wedding Styling: Ivy Lane and Co

Celebrant: I Kidd you Knot

Florist: Harriette Harrington Flora 

Band: Golden Child Entertainment 

Makeup Artist: Samantha Pearce

Hairstylist: The Bride’s Mane 

Jemima’s Gown: Susan Ogg

Bridesmaid’s Dress: Isabella Longginou

Boy’s Suits: Paul Costello

Videographer: Marc Media

Signage: Signed With Love

Cake / Grazing Table: Little Gatherings Yamba

Catering: The Larder Byron Bay





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