Before we tuck in to Mel and Gareth’s incredible Byron Bay wedding, I (it’s Alyce speaking/writing – hello!)  have a little story about Forget Me Not.

Back at the very start of 2015, I sat on the patio of Jo’s place – Forget Me Not – in Byron Bay, sharing a whole wedding cake with a crew of amazing wedding vendors after a styled shoot. We dug into the whole cake with teaspoons as the sun went down over the hills behind Byron Bay. I don’t wanna get all woo-woo on yo asses, but there is some magic in those Byron Bay hills, yo. We shared our hopes and dreams for our wedding businesses. I wanted more than anything on earth to be amongst that Byron Bay magic on wedding days week in and week out. I got married in Byron Bay, I fell in love there some years prior, and I fall in love with the place a little bit more every time I’m there… which, these days, is a lot.

Byron Bay’s weather is a cruel mistress though, the day of our styled shoot in 2015 was so overcast that there was no sunset. I had hoped for sunset on the back hill and we didn’t get one. There isn’t a damn thing you can do about the weather, so we made the most of the beautiful location in the light that we had. When Mel had scheduled ‘sunset on the hill photos’ in our run sheet, we were pretty excited for round two with the nice light and the long grass.

The day of Mel and Gareth’s wedding, it poured with rain  on and off. I was a bit sad that again that beautiful Byron sunset would elude us. But for the main event – the ceremony – we had sunshine and blue skies. Then, we ducked in and out between champagnes and rain showers to get some portraits of the gang all dolled up and lookin’ freshhhh. By the time we hit sunset o’clock, we were back to golden skies. After the whirlwind that had been the day to that point, Mel and Gareth were able to take a deep breath together and just hang out, and watch the sun set on their beautiful wedding day before heading back to the party.

And now, on to the bit we’re all here for – the photos!



Mel and Gareth’s Dream Team:

Venue: Forget Me Not

Flowers: Flower and Bud

Celebrant: CB Celebrant 

Hair: By Ron Hair

Makeup: Makeup By Maree

Mel’s Gown: Martina Liana

Gareth and his Wingmen’s Suits: Rodd and Gunn

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Shona Joy

Entertainment: Scotty Sax

Furniture: One Day House

Transport: Guests – The Magic Bus // Bridal Cars – the Boys’ own!



Absolutely fabulous a good time was had by all

I just wanted to say thankyou so much for Saturday. We had a blast sharing the day with you. You are such talented photographers but also awesome, caring and top women. We had such a magical day and you helped make me feel as beautiful as I ever will. Your care, love, effort and pride in your work did not go un-noticed. We would recommend you to everyone.
Lots of love xxxx

Kate and Cam

These are AMAZING! I can not even begin to thank you enough! These pictures are beautiful and are totally everything we were hoping for and more. Thank you again!

Mel and Gareth

When we first started planning this wedding just a few months ago, finding a photographer nearly did my head in because I was so hell bent on finding someone who would capture the day in a way that truly reflected us and our relationship. Well, we had to go to Brisbane to find them, but Alyce and Ash have surpassed my wildest dreams! Can’t wipe the grin off my face right now….


Jess and Karn
Thank you so much for your email. You’re probably going to laugh reading this but I was finally able to access this email after I finally achieved one of my life goal of taking a selfie with a llama and was like “yasssss best day EVER”. As we finally connected to wifi for me to upload one of my 500 llama shots I saw your email. Poor Brett thought I had really lost the plot as I burst into happy tears in the hotel lobby and then showed all these random Peruvian hotel workers the pictures saying “holy shit, this is us’.
I was so so worried on the day as when I get nervous / anxious I screw my face up like an angry potato and was silently freaking out I had ruined your pictures but your pics make me look nothing of the potato variety! They are stunning and both Brett and I can’t believe we scrubbed up so good haha.
Thank you for capturing those tender moments between us. I’m so in love with the pics!
Nat (and Brett aka her kiwi gentleman lover) xx

OMG GUYS!!! they are so fabulous!!

James hasn’t looked through them all yet – he’s only seen a handful but he’s in love already. And me – well I’m ecstatic! they’re wonderful guys – we love them and we love you! They brought back all the feels and we’re so happy and thrilled with the day and the photos. I’m laughing in nearly every photo – I clearly had a good day! hahahaha!!! Thanks again lovelies – you truly are just the best and are total babin’ Queen camera ninjas!

Beck and James

Hello cloud catchers,

All I can say is wow the photos are amazing and everything we wanted out of the day. The finer detail is incredible thank you so much.
Nikohl and Ben