Just Married: Kelly and Arno’s Cedar Creek Lodges Wedding

Kelly and Arno got hitched at Cedar Creek Lodges, deep in the rainforest, by a creek, on the side of a mountain. In true Mt Tamborine form, it was preeeeetty wet most of the day. Luckily, the pavilion where they said their vows and the spot where they partied down were all very well covered. We picked out a few ‘safe’ spots for photos, assuming Kelly wouldn’t want to get her beautiful gown muddy.

‘There’s a log down there over the creek’ Kelly told me, glancing down the steep, muddy bank through the dense rainforest. ‘We really want photos on the log!’

The deal we made, was if at any point the ground got too soggy or things got too hard, Kelly and Arno would give us a hand signal and we would bail on our intrepid rainforest adventures. ‘Well, what am I going to do with the dress after today, really?’ Kelly called as she clambered up the bank after our shoot by the creek. ‘Put it in a cupboard and look at it every few years?’

When the rain showers came over, Kelly and Arno laughed and danced around in the rain. They embraced their day, and their family, and each other, with full force. A little water from the sky was never going to stop them from having the best day ever.


Kelly and Arno’s Dream Team:

Venue: Cedar Creek Lodges

Hair and Makeup: Justine Gale and Kelly Gale

Celebrant: Dallas Freeman

Cake by: Aleena (Bride’s brother’s girlfriend)

Wedding Gown: Anna Campbell

Bridesmaid’s Gowns: PS Frocks

Groom’s Suit: Connor

Groomsmen’s Suits: YD

DJ: Explosive Entertainment 


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