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Just Married: Queen B and Sir James get hitched in Brisbane

Guys, we have a bit of a ridiculous contact form on our website here. Go take a look when you’ve got time. Some people run with the joke (it’s a Waynes World reference), and other people (sensibly!) ignore it and just ask us for a price list. So one day, in comes this long and hilarious enquiry for a Brisbane wedding from ‘Queen B and Sir James of Woodbridge’. It was instant friendship, and about 5 thousand emails backwards and forwards about donuts and coffee dates and all sorts of things. This level of friendship was extended not just to all of us in the Studio, but with EVERYONE who worked on their wedding. We were all welcomed in to the family.
Beck is generous with her time, her energy, her hugs, her laughter, her gymnastic dance moves …and her Portuguese tarts. James is equally as generous – he looks on at the whirlwind of pink and sparkle with adoration and bewilderment, makes squeaky fart noises with his hands (this means he is happy, it’s all good) and then throws out a few terrible, terrible puns for good measure.

It has been such a pleasure to find these two, and to record this big moment in their lives. Alright, let’s get into this hot pink sparkly gold flower bomb of a wedding!



Beck and James’ Dream Team:

Makeup: WeLoveDominica

Hair: Blush and Bangs Beauty

Flowers and Styling: Kate Dawes Flower Design

Ceremony Furniture and Reception Lighting Hire: Arctic Fox 

Beck’s Gown: GC Bridal Lounge

James’ Suit: MJ Bale

Celebrant: Alicia Zellar

Ceremony: Roma Street Parkland

Reception: Transcontinental Hotel 

Cake / Dessert Table: Hansel and Gretel Cakes 

DJ: Cut A Rug 


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  1. Geoff A Curtis says:

    Well done Frank, Congrats to all

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