Just Married: Renee and Tim’s Rainforest Wedding, Cedar Creek

Renee and Tim got married at Cedar Creek Lodges last Friday, on a beautiful crisp, clear Autumn day. These guys are all about the outdoors, so it was important for their nearest and dearest to celebrate with them amongst the old rainforest, by a rushing creek, by the fire under the stars. Their crew travelled from all corners of the globe to celebrate with them – this is the awesome bit about weddings that not many people realise, but it’s one of the rare occasions in life when every person you love is under the same roof… or, rainforest canopy, as the case was on Friday. We headed into that rainforest for portraits with Renee and Tim. We picked out places that were easy to get to in high shoes and sparkly gowns, but Renee kept asking ‘can we go in where the old trees are? Near the creek?’ and so we did. Renee kicked off her shoes and down the steep rainforest embankment we went. We watched on somewhat nervously as Tim and Renee (who is 20 weeks pregnant!) hopped up on the mossy log over the creek and walked along it like it was the most natural and easy thing to do – and for these two, in their element, it totally was.

Thank you team for sharing this beautiful day and all that you love with us and each other. Here’s a little preview of the magic that went down:


Renee and Tim’s Dream Team:

Venue: Cedar Creek Lodges

Hair: Kristle Sullivan Hair

Makeup: Nikki Mitchell

Renee’s Gown: Custom GC Bridal Lounge 

Suits: MJ Bale

Celebrant: Ceremonies by Sabina

Wedding Cake: BVKED Vegan Cakes

Entertainment: Bagpiper Brian / Explosive Entertainment 

Flowers: DIY!


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