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Just Married: Ravneet and Nathan’s Sikh Wedding in Far North Queensland

Sitting in a cafe in Cairns on Sunday morning, bleary-eyed from the night before and ears still ringing, we wondered to ourselves if the last three days were actually a dream. We have shot a lot of weddings, none of them anything like Ravneet and Nathan’s. One of the few lines in English in their ceremony was about how they are two people but their souls are the same, and this couldn’t be more true of Rav and Nathan. From our first meeting at their engagement shoot (which turned into us hanging out and having cocktails) we adored them, and felt so lucky to be the ones by their side for this wedding adventure.

The music was loud, the food was abundant, homes full of colourful saris and the warm scent of chai on the stove. We covered almost 30 hours of wedding formalities in 3 days, wearing a well-worn path along the Bruce Highway between Innisfail, Gordonvale and Cairns City. We learnt very quickly from Rav and Nathan’s kind relatives who took two confused and slightly daunted Aussie photographers under their wings, sharing their culture with us and giving us all the insider info on the significance of each ceremony. Together we ate and danced and celebrated… and none of us slept much!

We feel so incredibly fortunate to have been welcomed in by not only beautiful Rav and Nathan (who we adore, have we mentioned how much we adore them?!), but their families, and to have witnessed so much emotion, joy, colour, spirituality and tradition against a backdrop that is unmistakably Far North Queensland. The volume of images we recorded is… immense! This is just a quick peek at what we saw and recorded in our days together.


Day One: Nathan’s Blessing


Day One: Ravneet’s Maiyan (Tumeric Ceremony)


Day One: Nathan’s (slightly more violent) Maiyan (Tumeric Ceremony) and Sangeet (ie. crazy pre-wedding dance party)


Day Two: Ravneet’s Blessing Ceremony and Choora (Bangles dipped in Milk)


Day Three: The Wedding!

Day Three: Post wedding, Nathan has to bargain his way into the house and Ravneet leaves her Family Home to begin life as part of Nathan’s Family

Then we did portraits!


The Reception!


Ravneet and Nathan’s Dream Team:

Hanging Foliage: JAM Productions

Florist: Florist Gardens

Makeup: Makeup By Ellen 

Hair: Inner Goddess Hair

Nathan’s Suit: George & King

Ravneet’s Outfits all Purchased in India

Entertainment: Jaskurn Gosal

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  1. Helen McGrath says:

    Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and such a joyful, loving couple.

  2. Wonderful pictures. Congratulations to both families. What a handsome our young Nathan has become to be blessed with the gorgeous Ravneet.

    Love & best wishes. From Bobby & family. West Midlands. UK xxx

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