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Elaine and Tim’s Byron Bay Getaway

‘You know you’ve found the right wedding vendors when…’

Was the title of the email that came through at 8.12am on a Saturday morning from Tim. CC’d in were Cloud Catcher Studio, Tim’s fiancé Elaine, and Cut a Rug DJ. The email had screen shots of our respective websites – our Biggie and Tupac enquiry form page, and Cut a Rug’s shot of Kanye. Elaine and Tim love their old school hip hop and RnB, and we are so so lucky that they managed to find us on the wilds of the internet all the way from the US of A.

Although Elaine and Tim were half a world away at their home in San Francisco when Tim shot us all that email, we swear they must have heard the Cloud Catcher and the Cut a Rug teams pumpingggggg RnB music obnoxiously loud at a ridiculous hour of the night at the inaugural #officeparty… we’d only locked the studio doors some hours before that email came through (you guys should totally come next year. We will get more beer next time to save us all from the gin hangovers)

And so, from the get-go, we knew this was going to be a hell of a party. Elaine and Tim wanted their wedding day to feel like a backyard BBQ that celebrated their combined Aussie and American backgrounds. They also wanted to celebrate their wedding in a place that was a holiday destination for every single guest – so they converged on Byron Bay for a few days of maxin’, relaxin’, and partying very very hard. Oh, and Elaine got the chance to meet her idol Braveheart – the insta-famous poster-cow for The Farm. We were very kindly allowed into the cow paddocks (!!!!) so that Elaine could get starstruck, cry a little, and exclaim ‘THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!’ (marrying Tim was a close second to this particular moment).

Do you wanna see this wild party? The cows? The food? The dranks? The styling? Heck yes you do!

Shout out to our favourites Cut a Rug for making this D-Floor an 11/10. These d-floor shots are proof that when you find the right wedding vendors who just ‘get you’, this is where the wedding day magic happens.  Bonus points if you can find their lead photographer Alyce’s Tupac socks on the dance floor in amongst all of the craziness.

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Elaine and Tim’s Dream Team:

Venue: Ewingsdale Hall
Coordinator: Frank and Joy
Elaine’s gown: Anomalie
Furniture: Tilly and I / Mullum Hire
Florals by Elaine and Tim’s talented friend: Fox and Flora 
Rings: Chloe McColl
Catering: Crusta / Suffolk Bakery
DJ: Cut a Rug

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