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Sarah and Stuart’s High Church Wedding, Fortitude Valley

Sarah and Stuart’s High Church wedding day was a most excellent day of beautiful light, and happy tears, and super tight knit family and friends, joyous celebration and all of the magic that happens when you surrender yourself to all of the wildness of a wedding day.

‘Wedding days are like wild animals’ was something that came up in a wedding planning meeting the other day in the studio. ‘You can control them to a point, but beyond that you’ve just gotta let them be the wild and magnificent and beautiful beast that they are going to be.’ Sometimes this advice is given on a wedding day where things don’t go to plan, but in this case, we kind of scrapped our portrait plan and just let the Valley guide us. There was patches of cool light bouncing off building windows and patterns of shadow in carparks, and we had a very obliging wedding party ready to do their thang in that very cool light.

As we were walking from one spot to another, a guy was standing outside of a doorway in an alley. ‘Hey guys!’ he called to us ‘Do you wanna come in here for photos?’. Wedding day timing, and common sense, and logic, would normally suggest you don’t accept invitations from strangers in dark alleyways, but everyone was firing on all cylinders after a quick pit stop at Maccas, so we went in this dark doorway. Inside, we found ourselves in the most amazing retro video game arcade, with Star Wars style escape pods full of people sipping cocktails. The guy from outside gave everyone pre-loaded cards to play as many games as they wanted, and we got to play and create and throw away pre-made portrait plans in favour of these guys having the coolest wedding story to tell by the time we got to the reception.

And when we got to High Church, everyone had whiled away the afternoon watching the sun set over the Valley, grazing and sipping on drinks and catching up. They were ready to par-tay on down – and party we did!


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Sarah and Stu’s Dream Team:

Reception Venue: High Church
Reception Stylist Fresh Events
Florist Bits and Buds
Hair and Make Up by bridesmaid Catherine
Gown: L’eto
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Country Road
Suits: MJ Bale
Cake: Whipped Cake Co
Celebrant: Pastor Paul Thiele
Acrylic Signs: Laser Cut Designs  

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