Murph and Mandy’s (Surprise!) Gold Coast Wedding

Murph and Mandy got married in the Gin Parlour at Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast, but it was a secret. Occasionally we shoot surprise weddings, and we love them. But! They present a very tricky set of logistical challenges and usually in the long months leading up to something as huge as a wedding, someone, somewhere along the line, lets the cat out of the bag and the news spreads like wildfire. These guys managed to keep it pretty well on lock though, and here’s how it went down:

The story was that they were having an engagement party that night at the Gin Parlour. We rocked up to shoot Mandy getting ready in the morning, and then we headed to the Lamb Shop to meet up with Murph for their first look. Why have a first look the Lamb Shop? That’s where they had their first date! Cuuuuute!! Randomly it was also the day of a big jazz festival, so there were hundreds of people around, crammed into the Lamb shop and queueing out the door. It made their first look all the more chaotic and wonderful! And then, we all had beers and chippies!

We cruised around the streets of the Goldie taking a few more snaps of our gorgeous bride and groom before meeting in another secret location for family photos pre-ceremony (er, pre-engagement party). Because the timing of the party meant it would be night time, it made perfect sense to get all the portraits out of the way early to maximise their time with everyone at their reception later that night, and to make the best use of the daylight for these photos.

Then, we raced back to Miami Marketta so that Mandy could get changed into an engagement party outfit, and for the photographers to be hidden away before guests rocked up. We had shot enough couples’ weddings in the friendship group (and a lot of the guests know us!) that if anyone saw us shooting they’d be suspicious. So, we waited behind a false wall, peeking out a little hole in the wood at everyone partying until it was go time. When the wall was pushed away, the look of shock on everyone’s faces was absolutely priceless! Luckily, we were there to shoot the whole surprise unfold, and the hectic party that followed in this beautiful venue.

Wanna see? ‘course ya do! Let’s take a look at this collage of memories below:

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Venue: The Gin Parlour, Miami Marketta
Videographer:  O’Brien Originals
Florist: Too Good Flowers
Hair: Sarah Kelly
Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Suit: MJ Bale
Cake & dessert bar: Reid Street Kitchen
Celebrant (and friend): Diane Rainnie
Arbour hire: The One Day House
Entertainment: DJ Freddy Flyfingaz

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