Fins at Plantation House

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We love wedding days at Fins at Plantation House -not just photographing and videoing them but attending them and getting married there ourselves! Two of our own videographers got married there recently – and if you’re having a peek at this blog post there’s a preeeeetty good chance you’re loving the idea of a Fins at Plantation House wedding for yourselves. Or, you just like looking at pretty things in pretty places. Either way, we got chu!

Fins at Plantation House Wedding

This leafy tropical reception area – and at night, it comes alive with fairy lights! Are you kidding us?! This is magic. 


That view! That light! Never ever gets old! 


What it feels like to have a Fins Wedding

We’ve done enough Fins at Plantation House weddings to know that you’re in the most excellent hands. You’re in for a beautiful event, run to perfection – an amazing experience for you and for your guests. It’s a dream venue for us to shoot at too – in looks and in how well we work together with the legendary Fins at Plantation House crew. We know the whole venue (and all the cool photo spots!) like the back of our hands.


Our Fins at Plantation House Couples are always…

Easy-going party people who value good food, good drinks, good music. Celebrating the amazing crew of people who have got them this far in life and in love. Almost everyone in their crew is keen to tear up the dance floor … maaaaaybe even with a cocktail in hand.

Obligatory cactus garden shots cos yeah, it’s very Fins and awesome


How we shoot Fins Weddings

The way we approach weddings at Fins is to shoot unobtrusively – after shooting weddings here since they first opened a few years ago, we know innately how days run here, what the light tends to do, where the best spots are for family portraits, your group shot, your wedding party and couples portraits, and we just work away as a Photography and Videography team seamlessly. We just grab you guys when we need you, and it’s our aim that you guys get to focus on the whole wedding thing and not so much on what we’re doing.

There are two things we absolutely won’t do when shooting Fins at Plantation House weddings: we won’t pose you, and we won’t take photos of people eating (or, do anything to make any of us feel awkward at any point).

We absolutely will dance on your dance floor, and tell your wedding story in a way that takes you right back to that glorious day at Fins at Plantation House every time you look at your images.


Wanna see some recent Fins at Plantation House Weddings we’ve shot? Alright, let’s do this!


Fins at Plantation House Wedding Fins at Plantation House Wedding Fins at Plantation House Wedding Fins at Plantation House Wedding

Woooo! You’ve made it to the end!

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having a wedding at Fins? …can we come?

If you’re looking for a Photographer – or maaaaybe a Photo and Video team! – for your Fins wedding, holla at us here!

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