Jane and Cam’s Howard Smith Wharves Wedding

Jane and Cam’s Howard Smith Wharves wedding in Brisbane was this gloriously modern, sparkling, bright, day full of energy and action and excitement. Kind of like these two. Set amongst the backdrop that was undeniably Brisbane – from the Kangaroo Point church to the glittering Brisbane city skyline.

There were acrobatics from the Bride and Groom and this huge, moody, dark ballroom that came alive with bright colour and flowers and dramatic lighting and fountains of sparkling fireworks. It was drama of the very finest kind! Look, if you’re gonna do this wedding thang, it better say a lot about you two – who you are, what you like, how you love your people, and how you like to party. We reckon Jane and Cam aced allllll of this, and we are SO pinch-ourselves-lucky that we got to go along for the incredible ride.

We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. But, let’s go! Their film and their full dream team is at the bottom of this photo-scroll too:

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Jane and Cam: The Film!

Jane and Cam’s Dream Team:

Ceremony: St Marys Kangaroo Point
Reception Venue: Howard Smith Wharves 
Florist / Balloon Installation: Kate Dawes
Hair: The Beauty Case
Makeup: Ginelle Dale
Jane’s Ceremony Gown: Rachel Gilbert
Jane’s Reception Jumpsuit: Isabella Longginou
Cam’s Suit: Calibre
Cake: Oh How Sweet
Entertainment: DJ Bris Springsteen
Indoor fireworks & gif photo booth: Impact Lighting Co

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