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Maddie and Matt’s Lightspace Brisbane Wedding

Maddie and Matt’s Lightspace wedding was a celebration of the two of them and the things they love most: Margaritas, good music, their favourite people, and Maddie’s doggo Poppy who brought them together in the first place. It featured incredible florals by one of our past brides (and friend to Maddie and Matt) Jem and heeeeaps of twinkling lights to compliment the industrial vibes of Lightspace in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It has been such a delight to relive these images and finally catch up on blogging this glorious day!

Maddie and Matt’s dream team are listed below all the piccies, but for now, here’s a snippet from the beautiful email we got from Maddie after their wedding (and yeah, we totally were crunking on the streets of Brisbane):


I can barely articulate how over the fricken moon we are that Jem got us on to you! You both just got us, were so professional and I have not stopped talking about just how outstanding you both are!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for immediately fitting in to the fabric of our families… loving on our dog, chasing around my god-daughter, capturing intoxicating love & genuine intoxication and crunking out to the gangsta beats we walked the streets too.

You guys totally respected we are pretty relaxed people.. You held space for the things that were important to us and quickly ran over the things we felt obligated to do! We never needed to pose as you had us laughing all the way. You know you have picked the right people when just as they are packing up.. out the door.. your friends lift you up on their shoulders to march you around and out of the corner of your eye you see them sprinting back in to get photos that I will cherish forever.

Thank you will never be enough..but I am truly so grateful for the pair of you. (I’m not crying I just have something in both my eyes)

Lots of love,

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Maddie and Matt’s Dream Team:

Venue: Lightspace
Florist: Jemima Hutch
Hair & Mua: Brush & Blush
Gown: Enzoani – White Lily Couture
Suits: MJ Bale
Cake: Georgia Barnes
Celebrant: Amanda Lewis
Hire: AVideas 

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