Myth Busting: Wedding photography edition!

We’re back to bust four of the most common myths and biggest worries that couples have when it comes to photography on their wedding day.

Let’s goooo!

‘Being photographed is going to feel awkward and/or tedious’

This is the number one concern for most of our couples! How do we know this? We asked them! Here’s what they said after their weddings with us:

Renee and Dane don’t like pda:

Dane and I don’t do PDA’s so it was really important to us not having that awkward feeling in front of the camera. The cloud catcher team made us feel so relaxed and chill.

nathan wasn’t as keen on photos as sophie

The only thing I was worried about was Nath getting annoyed with getting photos (the struggle is real with him usually!) haha. But you guys were so fun and actually made being photographed feel fun! He didn’t complain once – a massive feat on your part !

Ashlea and stephen thought they’d be really aware of the cameras

[We were worried about] Being awkward haha, but yes it was so good. When I look back on the pics I remember exactly how I felt and see the pure joy.

Eden and brett didn’t want any awkwardness

We were worried about just feeling awkward and that translating into the shots. There was not a single moment that we felt this way and not a single photo that has as looking awkward!

Myth 2: The photographers will take us away from the party for hours and hours

Full disclosure: some photographers do treat the portrait shoot as their chance to get creative and build their portfolio. Some will spend a very long time getting perfectly posed, stylised shots which are beautiful, don’t get us wrong! But we feel it’s a huge waste of time on your one wedding day, and we have enough experience to get those beautiful images quickly.

We are totally in support of each individual couple and we will do whatever is important to you. If spending more time away from your guests having your portraits taken is a priority – that is totally fine, and we can do that! However, typically for a couple and their full wedding party, we’d allow a maximum of one hour. Some of our couples want less time than this, and we are pretty damn proud of how quickly we can rock through some beautiful portraits and get you back to the party if that’s what you two wanna do.

Myth 3: I’m not photogenic!

Almost everyone says this! Unless you’re a professional model, chances are you don’t know what to do with your hands as soon as a camera is pointed at you. That’s normal! We realise it’s very unusual to be on camera for our couples, and we have developed our own system to keep the portrait part of the day feeling and looking totally relaxed and natural. That’s part of our job!

Myth 4: Planning the wedding will be stressful.

Planning your wedding can feel like a part time job on top of your regular job and all the busy day to day life stuff. It can be overwhelming and exhausting! While we can’t take away alllllll the wedding planning stress, we do as much as we can to help! 

You may not be deep enough into wedding planning yet to realise that a huge portion of wedding vendors take aaaaaages to reply to emails. We have a dedicated admin team to make sure emails get answered super quickly and we keep you in the loop every step of the way to save you ever wondering ‘what do we need to do next?’

Because weddings are all we do, we are super organised with your photo (and video!) booking, including the most comprehensive wedding day run sheets in the business, to ensure smooth sailing on the wedding day. We think of everything!

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