What to ask a wedding photographer / videographer

You’ve probably never done this before, so what are you supposed to ask a photographer and videographer if you’re considering them for your wedding?

A lot of photographers don’t publicly share full galleries of images, but are very happy to share links to full galleries with you if you ask! 

When couples ask us this question, we love to share with them a handful of our full wedding galleries for their specific venue. This way, they can see how we approach weddings at the venue they’ve booked. If we haven’t shot there before, we’ll send along a couple of weddings that are a similar vibe / location.

This one is nightmare fuel for most wedding photographers and videographers! What if your photographer broke their hand, got terrible gastro, had a family emergency…. Something like that?!

Because we are a studio, we are a group of photographers who work together shooting weddings full time. Everyone is across all the weddings we have coming up because we discuss all of our upcoming weddings in our team meetings.

We’ve been doing weddings for almost a decade together (and much longer before the Studio!) and one day a few years ago we had our worst case scenario realised:
One of our photographers ended up in hospital on the day of a wedding and we were able to send one of our other studio photographers to shoot the wedding day totally seamlessly and easily. Crisis averted! (Our injured photographer was also okay!)

In the case of gear failure, or equipment being broken on the wedding day, ask if your team have spare camera bodies, lenses etc to continue capturing the day. Annnnd, how do they keep your files safe after the wedding is done?

Being full time wedding pros, and in the wedding industry for as long as we all have, we absolutely carry back up equipment! We think its our job to think of alllllll the worst case scenarios so you don’t have to. We also shoot with multiple cameras each.

We record all photos and videos to two memory cards simultaneously, and take two hard drive back ups of those files immediately after the wedding. We keep the drives at two different locations for extra safety, and also store all final images on the cloud.

Most photographers will send you anywhere from 5 to 15 sneak peek images a week after the wedding. It’s worth knowing what to expect and when to expect them!

Instead of sneak peeks, we deliver a mini gallery from the day, usually 50+ images edited and in full resolution for you to share. We like to think of this as a highlight gallery, rather than a handful of sneak peeks! We deliver this ASAP. Usually 1-2 days after the wedding.

As a guide, we say your final gallery will be 75-100 images per hour of shooting, but we don’t set a specific limit – we won’t hold back any beautiful images!

If you don’t get a strong sense of the vibe of your photographer from their social media and their website, it might be worth asking what their approach is on a wedding day to make sure they are going to be the right fit for you and your crew. Some photographers take a quiet and hands-off approach, others are more assertive and directorial. 

We are your hype crew! We are pretty quick to figure out how much energy and support you will need on the day and we bring it! That means if we need to jump in and pin buttonholes, dry off flowers, hold drinks, fix hair, distract the grumpy baby, help Nana down the stairs, start the dance floor… we’ll do what we need to do to keep the day rolling smoothly and to help everyone feel well cared for. We are mindful that this is your one wedding day, not a photoshoot for us, and we do whatever it takes to add more joy, fun and good vibes. 

You may like to understand how your photographer will handle your images – if you have anything you are self conscious about and would like removed or not featured heavily (ie. a tattoo, a scar), it would be good to have this conversation before the day. Some photographers will do heavy airbrushing and retouching and others don’t do any.

If it wasn’t on you two weeks ago and it won’t be there two weeks later, and you don’t want it in your photos, we’ll remove it (bruises, scratches, blemishes, band aids, etc!). We prefer not to do heavy retouching or airbrushing because we want your images to be a true reflection of you on your wedding day.

Typically, most wedding vendors will take a deposit and send a contract to sign. It might be worth asking the photographer if there’s anything more you need to do to keep them up to date with your wedding progress between now and the wedding day.

If we’re available on your date, we’ll send you a quote. Once accepted, there’s a contract to sign and a $500 deposit to lock us in. From there, we’ll send you a link to our clients-only wedding planning site that contains lots more helpful wedding planning info.

Between now and the wedding day, we’ll check in with you a few times (so you don’t have to keep track!) to see how the wedding planning is going and if there’s anything we can help with. A month out, we’ll send you a very detailed questionnaire full of all the details we need to put together one of our legendary run sheets. We’ll send it to you to approve or change, and then we’re ready to rock!



Hopefully this list of questions and answers has been helpful and makes those early enquiry phases with potential photo/video people a little less awkward.

If you’re pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down, get in touch via the contact form below!

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