add even more fun to your wedding day

We take our job seriously. But we are also the go-to photographers and videographers for fun on wedding days. We bring a relaxed, unfussy approach that attracts couples who just wanna have fun on their wedding day, making memories with the people they love most.

With that in mind, we have compiled a bunch of ideas that our couples have used to add more fun to their wedding days – let’s have a look at these now:



The best tip we can give for the getting ready part of the day is to play music! It can feel a bit tense if it’s dead silent while you’re getting ready, so we recommend having playlists ready to go. They could be playlists from your engagement party, bucks/hens events, DIY playlists of your ultimate pump up jams, or a generic playlist you found on Spotify. 

Task one of your wedding party, a family or friend with organising this – they might need to bring a speaker or tie a phone up by having it plugged into a sound system on the day. 

A couple of the photographers in our crew are also DJs, so here’s a little wedding morning pump up playlist they put together to get you started:

Add more VIPs to your


Have you heard about flower grannies (why not flower grandpas?!) and beer boys (why not beer girls?!) to start the procession at your ceremony? Always a fun way to surprise and delight your guests right from the start!



We often see couples involve their dogs in their ceremonies – either walking up the aisle or being ring bearers. Some couples have their pups brought to the wedding during the portrait shoot. There are fantastic pet assistants you can hire to look after your pups before, during, and after the ceremony. Hit us up if you need recommendations!


We love confetti as you come back down the aisle! If your venue allows it, we recommend The Whole Bride confetti – it photographs the best, floats in the air the longest, and it’s biodegradable.

Ft. Kate and Keith and allllll the confetti at Rosewood Estate

Champagne tower!

Straight after the ceremony, or in place of a cake cutting, a champagne tower is becoming increasingly popular at weddings!

Ft. Claire and Ben kickin’ off their Gabbinbbar garden party straight after the ceremony.

adding more fun

during portraits

champagne pop!

Bring a couple of spare bottles of sparkling wine along to the portrait shoot to shake and spray during portraits – we love having a whole group activity during photos for the wedding party to get those candid, high energy photos!

Ft. Maddie and Lewis and their crew outside the Refinery at the end of portraits

Keepin’ it natural

We have our own special ways to keep the portrait part of the wedding feeling easy, relaxed and never awkward. This approach is something we’ve perfected over our years of weddings. We’re so very proud of this, and it’s obvious from the images we capture that our couples aren’t being awkwardly posed and are genuinely enjoying this part of the day.

Ft. Zoe and her gals joking around at Summergrove Estate

how ’bout some

Reception ideas


Call it feasting, family style or share plates, this style of reception meal is very popular – it means everyone gets to try a little bit of everything and the main meal becomes an activity in itself! Passing plates, chatting to the people sitting around you, we love how everyone gets to share and interact over dinner.

Ft. Jade and Tony’s dumpling-fest at Happy Boy in the Valley


To sign off from the couples’ speech and kick off the party, some of our couples have brought out rounds of espresso martinis, shots of tequila, fireball, port…

Ft. Erika and Josef sending trays of espresso martinis around the room during their speech


We LOVE a photobooth! We find some guests are a bit shy of our cameras, but after a few drinks will feel more comfortable being silly in front of the photobooth lens. These images, although totally posed, are lots of fun and a fantastic compliment to our candid coverage of your wedding day.

Ft. Jae and Drew and one of their mates in the InstaKombi at Plantation House


Look, it’s not for everyone… but we’ve had a couple use a brand new pair of shoes for this (that have never had feet in them!). The photos are pretty hilarious!

Ft. Bec on her d-floor at the Warehouse in Brisbane, this wedding had our personal record of 16 shoeys captured

Add an overline


Weddings are a marathon day, and by the time all the formalities are done and everyone has been eating and sitting for a while, it’s time to bring energy and excitement to the party bit of your wedding! Some of the ways our couples have done this include: Cold sparklers (these are safe to use indoors!), smoke gun, confetti cannon, money guns, smoke gun, fireworks, long sparklers for the first dance or for a sparkler exit at the end of the night…


That’s all from us for now! We will be back soon with more wedding tips, tricks and inspo! Want even more Cloud Catcher flavoured wedding stuff?


Tell us all about your day, we’d love to be a part of this thing!


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