Our videographers work off the same run sheet as our photographers which means we can do all our pre-planning as a team and have a solid game plan in place on the day. It also makes your wedding admin life is easier as there’s only one point of contact for all your photo and video stuff.

Added bonus, we are all buddies and work together like a well oiled machine. We make sure we all have fun, but get it all done efficiently so that you guys can get back to the party ASAP.

Full speeches and ceremony films are also available.

Our videography service is currently only available as an add on to your photography package.

Check out some films below…

ALEX & KOBY – Rosewood Estate


To match the various moods throughout their day, Koby and Alex wanted a film that had a softer, sentimental section followed by a higher energy, party section. Featuring 5 kilos of confetti, crazy weather, and a very wild dance floor.

Zoe and jacob – summergrove estate

Peachy summergrove party with all the feels

To celebrate their wedding, the gathering of family from all corners of the globe, and the combining of Scandinavian and Aussie wedding traditions, Zoe and Jacob’s moving wedding film is full of fun, love and happy tears.

donna and matt – the calile hotel

modern romantic wedding story

To celebrate the blending of families and the romance of their wedding day, Donna and Matt’s film is full of sentimental moments and highlights the moving speeches made at their reception. Featuring the beautiful Caile Hotel in Brisbane, crisp whites and geometric lines, and lots of happy tears.

sharnia & bodie – maleny manor

fun COUNTRY WEDDING with a side of romance

Sharnia and Bodie wanted a wedding film that was truly ‘them’ – full of fun but also a little side of romantic vibes! Easy done when this fun loving duo whipped out super emotional vows during their ceremony! Featuring sparklers, champagne and Sharnia back in her PJs on the d-floor.