a little bit about us

Our collective of wedding photo and video artists (and all-around good time party people) was founded on three things we know to be true:

Thing one:
there is nothing more frustrating in wedding-planning-land than unanswered emails, so we have lightening quick admin crew making sure no email goes unanswered

Thing two:
there is nothing more awkward than posing for photos, so let’s make a pact right now that we just won’t do the posing thang ✌️

Thing three:
weddings are happy days, and the people surrounding you should add even more joy to the mix (even if they’re working!). Lucky we LOVE our job!

Keen Beans?
If this all sounds like your jam, that’s frickin’ excellent! We have included some real Fins weddings below as well as all our latest wedding features and a little bit more about how we keep things un-awkward and fun on wedding days. If you’re super mega keen beans, get in touch via our contact form at the bottom of this page and tell us all about this wedding par-tay you two are planning!