Kirsty is our go-to gal for laid-back, cool-as-a-cucumber-at-all-times vibes. She keeps couples super relaxed on their wedding day and has a talent for putting people at ease with her easy going nature, but is also right along side you bouncing around on the dance floor when it’s party time. Kirsty joined our studio in 2017 and has been photographing weddings for 9 years.

Sunshine radiates from her images no matter what the time of day or the weather. She is passionate about documenting couples experiencing their wedding day without intervening for a pose, a fake laugh, or a ‘pretend to do this thing for my camera’. Aside from her beautifully relaxed portrait work, Kirsty is able to blend in with the wedding guests to ensure she captures each documentary moment unobtrusively. She is notorious in our studio for being a mad dog lady and also being freakishly talented at photographing kids – they gravitate towards her! A handful of her beautiful wedding images are found below: