One of the original and first members of the Collective, Lara is sunshine personified. Lara jokes that she’s ‘permanently excited’, and she’s also permanently curious – a trait that is reflective in her beautifully vibrant documentary approach to photography. She has photographed hundreds of weddings all over Australia, as well as Asia and the United States, during her career. Of all the collective members, Lara is the most skilled at connecting with people and telling their stories through her images.

Lara seeks out all of the love stories and tales of friendship that have carried you through to your wedding day, photographing all of your nearest and dearest with as much attention to detail as she gives her couples. Lara is our most pragmatic shooter and will jump in and mend dresses, pin buttonholes, fix wilting flowers, shoot with the bride’s screaming niece on her hip, hold onto your dog, dance with your aunties on the dance floor, and remember everyone’s names and how you all know each other. She has the most incredible ability to integrate into any crowd, strike up conversations and make everyone feel like an old friend. Her easy going nature disarms even the most awkward person on-camera, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make you genuinely laugh.