To help with the planning process, we’ve put together a guideline for how long each part of the day can be comfortably photographed in – keep in mind that we will also need to allow for travel times between locations (if applicable, and we allow plenty of time to find car parks, etc!). As every day is unique, this is just a rough guide. Any questions regarding the specific timing of your day, contact us any time:

Bride(s) Preparations
60-90 minutes

Groom(s) Preparations
45-60 minutes

We aim to arrive on site at the ceremony location 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony.

Civil ceremony
30 minutes

Full Mass / Religious Service
40-60 minutes

Family Portraits
30 minutes (we recommend a maximum of 6 family groupings in this timeframe)

Scheduling of Bridal Party Portraits: approx. 1 hour before sunset on your wedding day (google: ‘sunset [your wedding date] [your wedding location]’) is typically when we shoot our bridal party shots for golden light. Remember that the daylight hours are shorter in winter and longer in summer.

Bridal Party Portraits
60 minutes of photographing (allow extra time for travelling to locations)

We always ask for a run sheet for your reception timing – so what time guests are seated, what time you guys will walk in, times for speeches, cake cutting, first dance etc.


What Will Our Coverage Fit in?
If you have us shooting for 10 hours or more, we will comfortably fit in the entire wedding day.

If you’re having us for less time, you may use the photography coverage to document whichever parts of the day are most important to you (ie, no preparation coverage, but more reception coverage is a common one!). If you decide you would like to extend your coverage, you are welcome to do so at any point before your photography run sheet is finalised.