timing and coverage guide

‘Coverage’ is what we call the time we spend shooting your wedding. The timings listed below are the minimum times we recommend physically shooting for each part of the day. Generally speaking, the more time allowed, the better.

We always allow buffers of time in between each part of the day to travel between locations, spend time with your guests, and to allow for events to run overtime (and they always will!) – this makes for a much more relaxed experience for everyone involved, and allows you both to really enjoy the day and not feel rushed.

how much can we fit in our coverage?

10 hours

10 hours typically covers everything from getting ready through to the end of the reception

(ie. 12.30pm-10.30pm)

7 hours

7 hours, depending on when you choose to start and finish your coverage, will get you a little bit of everything covered – or no prep and lots of reception coverage.

5 hours

5 hours, depending on when you choose to start and finish your coverage, will get you a little bit of prep through to the start of reception, or no prep and a little bit more reception coverage.

Choosing your Ceremony Time

The ideal time for your ceremony is usually 2.5 hours before sunset.

To find out what time sunset is, google ‘sunset on (your wedding date) at (your wedding location). Remember that sun sets at different times during the year, and you may also be getting married in daylight savings time depending on where and when this wedding shebang is going down.

Already set a ceremony time and worried it will be too late for the light? No stress! Get in touch, we have a few suggestions on how to best use our time!

Timing for each part of the day

How long does it take us to physically shoot each section of a wedding day?


We usually allow :

Groom(s): 45mins – 1hr

Bride(s): 1hr – 1.5hrs

Getting ready together: 1.5 hrs

To save coverage time and for easier logistics for all involved, we highly recommend getting ready close to each other, in the same hotel or even at the same location if possible. If your wedding venue allows you to get ready on site, this is the most ideal.

Hair and makeup should be complete at least 1 hour prior to your departure to the ceremony.

Ceremony and Family Photos

Civil Ceremonies usually take 30 minutes.

Religious ceremonies can run longer.

We aim to arrive at the ceremony site 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony to shoot the styling/set up and guests arriving. This time buffer also ensures we get through traffic, find a car park (if applicable!) and are safely on site and set up before the ceremony begins.

We allow 30 minutes post-ceremony for congratulations hugs and family photos (approx. 6 family photo combos).

Tip: to get through family photos quickly, we will ask you for a list in the lead up, and suggest you appoint ‘photo captains’ to wrangle family and friends for their photos to make this process as pain-free as possible!

Wedding Party Portraits

We shoot wedding party portraits for a maximum of 60 minutes, ideally in the hour before sunset for the most flattering light.

We will shoot the full wedding party first, and then dismiss them so you two don’t have too many people creeping on you for your portrait shoot making you feel awkward.

We strongly recommend not venturing too far for wedding party portraits as you’ll be wasting precious partying time driving around. Ideally shooting them near your ceremony and/or reception venue, or at the venue itself if applicable.


Reception coverage is totally up to how much of the reception you’d like covered!

Receptions usually finish between 10.30 and 11.30 depending on where your reception is, and first dance is usually around 8.30pm.

If you’d like some dance floor action – this is usually between 8.30-9.30pm. Things get wild after that (and we love that bit!)

The number one reason reception formalities run late is due to speeches running over time. If you have only allowed 5-10 minutes per speaker, please make sure they keep within their time limit so that the rest of the evening runs to time (and your guests don’t get too drunk and sleepy sitting at their tables to dance).