Let’s not make this awkward. 

Hello, clicker of links on the interwebs!

We are going to use our ESP to guess you’re either a bored human just willy-nilly clicking random things on the interwebz OR you’ve just gotten engaged and now you’re all ‘sheeeeit I’ve gotta get a photographer but wedding photos are so awkward and cringey and I’m SO unomfortable with having my photo taken’

We hear ya. We’re also here to show you that wedding photos don’t have to be awkward. Wedding piccies can (and should!) look natural, totally real, like little windows back into those moments of wedding day amazingness. These are your memories, after all, and we aren’t here to play ‘wedding people photo shoot’ with you. You’ve got better stuff to do on your wedding day. Like, party.

Here’s a couple of weddings where we haven’t made our couples do anything except have one helluva good time gettin’ hitched (photos still turned out great without making people pretend to laugh or look off into the distance pensively).


Alex and Morgan were pretty self conscious about getting too touchy-feely on camera so we did their portraits on a quiet dirt road away from their guests. We eased them into the photos to make it feel less awkward, and used our longer lenses so we weren’t all up in their grills.

Rather than pose you guys (because it makes us feel uncomfortable, too!) let’s make a deal that we’ll just let stuff happen and record the action as it unfolds. Deal? Deal! Above us here is Jemima opening a bottle of champagne that had been jiggling around in a backpack while we hiked up to the headland – nobody expected it to explode!

Here’s an entire bridal party of legends. Not one poser among ’em! Why pretend to laugh when you can genuinely laugh at one of Cass’ dirty jokes?

Obviously this one of Jen and Will is not posed, but just thought we’d chuck it in cos confetti shots are pretty excellent.

We reckon it’s also pretty important to photograph your guests, and the atmosphere of the day – we find out about you guys, your family and friends, and what you’re most excited about. Bas and Xav had such a massive emphasis on good food and wine on their wedding day, and going in armed with all this understanding helps us tell your wedding story.

Lastly, crazy dance floor photos are our FAVOURITEST THING EVER.

How often do you get to do stuff like this with just about every human you know in one place?! The best! 
Okay, last one. Promise we’re done now.
Awww Yeeeee! Let’s do this!

We’re pretty sure you’ve got a hell of a lot going on right now in your regular life, let alone trying to fit planning a wedding in. Before you click off into the wilds of the interwebs, if you think we’re your jam and you’d like us to NOT make you peer out from behind a tree trunk on your wedding day, hit us up below. Alternatively, you can find out more about the collective here or check out our most recent weddings here.

Let’s have the very best time.

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