Let’s make a pact right here, right now

let’s not make this awkward

We know wedding photo and video has a terrible reputation for being an incredibly awkward part of your wedding day.

It’s the number one thing our couples are worried about when they are looking for a team to capture their wedding. Let’s look at the magical ways in which we make wedding photo and video super unawkward and fun.


no posing

We have lots of ways to keep things feeling natural and easy during the portraits. We only ever want to add more good memories and fun to the day, so we keep the portrait-shoot-bit the perfect amount of time – just enough to get a good variety of images and we finish before it starts to feel tedious. We don’t want to play ‘wedding photo shoot’ with you for hours. You’ve got more important stuff to do… like, party. We will find ways to make you genuinely laugh, keep you moving, and back to that par-tayyy before you know it.

The only time we really ask for all your eyeballs pointed at the camera is for those classic family/friendship group shots (if you want those!). The rest of the time, we blend in with your guests and document your day unobtrusively, so you end up with an awesome blend of documentary style photos, family photos that the oldies will treasure, and beautiful natural portraits.
You’ve invited these humans for a reason!

Your people are important, too!

We reckon the guests you’ve chosen to invite to your wedding are just as deserving of being captured as you two are! Your final images should document everything about the day – the general atmosphere, the love between you two, and the people in attendance all having the very best time. We do a mix of candid photographs and smiling-at-the-camera-happy-snaps if people ask us for those, and we put as much care and attention into these images as we do your portraits.


let’s have the very best time!

We’re pretty sure you’ve got a hell of a lot going on right now in your regular life, let alone trying to fit planning a wedding in. Before you click off into the wilds of the interwebs, you can find out more about the collective here or check out our most recent weddings here. If you think we’re your jam and you’d like us to NOT make you peer out at each other from behind a tree trunk on your wedding day, hit us up below.

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