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In 2016, we put together a blog post about why we don’t have to pose you when we take your photos. It blew up – so many couples booked us in because they wanted to have fun on their wedding day and didn’t think being on camera could be anything other than supremely awkward. Since that blog post, we’ve become the absolute gurus in un-posed, un-awkward wedding photography and film. So much so, that we’ve been flown all over the place to bring this experience to couples everywhere.

The wonderful chaos of running through a tunnel of fire and enthusiastic drunk people just got Alex and Joel (and us!) all caught up in the moment… maaaagic!!!


Firstly, why is posing such a dirty word ’round here?


Look maaaan, maybe you want to look like you guys belong in some edgy Euro fashion magazine – that’s cool. That’s real cool. …Actually, that’s too cool for us. There are definitely photographers out there who absolutely nail the posing thing, and they are good at it, and the photos look… well, they look posed. They might still look gorgeous, but our approach is a little different. The thing is, you’ve possibly never been photographed by a professional photographer before, which means you’re probably not a model (but maybe – just mayyyybe – this is your big break! So much untapped talent! Let’s find out hey?).


The #1 reason why we don’t pose people

Posing you guys is going to make your eyes glaze over. Seriously! You are immediately removed from ‘the moment’ and your mind goes off to a faraway place… ‘suck in, tilt my chin, look up, don’t breathe, don’t move, oh god have they taken the picture yet’ and you can tell in your eyes that you’re thinking very hard about this pose. Posing you might look alright to your photographer, but they don’t see how you guys relate to each other every day. Posing takes time, and we feel making you do anything that isn’t natural or real is an immense waste of what little time you have as newlyweds, and time taken away from your loved ones who have moved mountains to be there with you.

If you don’t dip your partner dramatically in the kitchen on a daily basis when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, why the eff would we make you do that for a photo?

Mel and Gareth had a little minute together, it was getting cool as the sun went down, so Gareth brought Mel in for a warm hug. We just let them do their thing, photographing them with long lenses at a distance to give them space.

  Wedding days go by too fast to spend time making heart shaped hands in a field… you’re missing the party!

Wedding days go by so motherflippin’ fast. It’s important that not one second is wasted, and we decided when we formed this collective that posing people on their wedding days was a massive waste of our couple’s time. This is a day when you make really huge, important, lifelong memories, and we want to record those. We don’t want your memories to be of your photographers making you do heart shapes with your hands at sunset while you can hear a party goin’ off in the distance without you.

  How we get photos that don’t look awkward

We definitely do shoot beautiful wedding-y portraits though, because they are the bomb, but we keep things fun and easy and as quick as you’d like them to be. Some couples come to us with the brief ‘we want a piece of art for the wall in our house’ or ‘we just want the day told exactly how it happens’ or ‘oh god please help us we are so awkward on camera’. We can do all of these things – often at the same time!  There’s a teensy bit of psychology involved – knowing how couples relate to each other, their level of awkwardness with being photographed combines with knowing which tricks we have up our sleeves to help you relax and forget we’re shooting at all. This all comes down to the experience of your photographers, and we’ve shot approximately eleventy billion and four weddings. We got chu.

Alyce says: We were shooting Cam and his best man when I turned around and saw Katie having a glass of champagne and watching. It was such a cool spot and Katie just looked so stunningly beautiful right there, so we swapped her champers for her new husband (!!!!) and took a few shots quickly before we got that champers back in Katie’s hand.

This approach extends to your bridal party, too! These people are by your sides for good reason, and we want their personalities to shine though. That wouldn’t be possible if we put you in awkward poses!

The candid, in between shots are just as important, we’re never ‘done’ with shooting, there’s always something awesome going on that is worth documenting!

Renee and Tim are so at home in nature, so it wasn’t until Renee kicked off her shoes, and we went clambering over logs and rocks, that these two finally were able to relax and truly be themselves despite the cameras. It’s so important to take this time to just ‘be’ together, so we just give you a bit of time to catch up and it makes for beautiful images that will remind you in years to come of that quiet moment spent together.

Booze helps if you’re feeling awkies. Exploding champagne bottles not essential, but it works!


The rest of the time, we shoot candidly. The aim of the game is to have photos that feel like you’re there – telling the story from the perspective of someone attending the wedding. Which means, the less aware people are of the camera, the better.