how to figure out the style and vibe of your wedding

Ahhh this is so overwhelming!

We asked our insta audience what is something they struggle with when planning their wedding and the overwhelming response was this:

Nailing down a style / vibe for our wedding day, and finding the right vendors to bring our vision to life!

We’ve been in weddings a reeeeeeally long time and we’ve shot hundreds and hundreds of amazing wedding days. We find that most couples are drawn to one of 4 beautiful wedding styles, and put their own spin on the theme from there. 

Classic and Timeless? Or on trend right now?

The dilemma that a lot of couples (including a bunch of us when planning our own weddings!) face is whether their styling will look dated in photos if it’s too ‘on trend’. Will you look back on it and regret it?! We say: if you love it now, who cares?! You got married in the mid 20s, and your images will be full of things that tell the story of the era in which you got married anyway (the cars! The phones! The fashion!). If it truly brings you joy, why not just go for it?!

The best tip we can offer

to figure out your style

Gather the images that you love – styling, colours, portraits, venues, the lot! You can do this by gathering screenshots and saving them into a folder, or on a pinterest board, or save things you love on instagram. Once you’ve got a bunch of images saved, take a look back through your collection and see if there’s a consistent look (or looks!) that you’re drawn to. We’ve made some mood boards to kick you off on this adventure – feel free to screenshot them, download, pin to pinterest, whatever you like!

Do you love

You can’t go wrong with a black and white palette, no matter the backdrop for your wedding. It’s timeless, formal, elegant.

Or are you drawn to

Colour can be a playful suggestion to your guests that today is gonna be loads of fun

let’s take a look at some mood boards!

let’s gooooooo

We condensed all the weddings we shoot down to four core styles, and every image in these mood boards was shot by us at our couples’ beautiful weddings!

Save the bits you like – you might find you are drawn to a mixture of a few different styles. There’s no rules here, go with what you love!


Firstly, thanks! Secondly…. The best, most creative, most delightful vendors are all like hidden treasures – if you know, you know, and if you don’t… they’re SO hard to find! They’re almost never on the first page of Google, so how do you find them?

Depending on your specific style and location, we can absolutely recommend suppliers that will match your vibe. In fact, when you book in your wedding with us, we share have a whole planning site that we share with our couples full of helpful links and planning info, including our favourite musicians, hair and makeup artists, florists, celebrants, etc! We are in wedding land 24/7 and love nothing more than easing the planning overwhelm for our couples. 

Tell us all about your wedding day and together we can tick some things off this wedding to do list! 

We’ll be back in a few days with some more wisdom to share! Want even more wedding inspo right this second? That’s cooool. Check out some of our latest blog posts instead?